Taking the idea of our colleagues, we organized a gokart race this year at the SER-RING track in Seregélyes. The freakish weather in April forced us to re-organise the race and it was held a week later than the original, planned time. Due to the reorganization, fewer than the planned number of colleagues, but still 16 compared their speed on the high-quality track. With the 400 cc gokarts, each rider had twice an 8-minute timer to run his best lap. After that, the ten best-time drivers stood on the grid and the final race began. If someone makes a mistake in an eight-lap race, suffers an enormous disadvantage, so in addition to driving knowledge, balanced performance is key. The fight was huge in the last race, everyone ran their best time ever. After the race, of course, we rewarded the top three finishers and a special prize was awarded. Thanks to the helpers working on the track for running the go-kart race, they have certainly not seen us there for the last time!

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